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Plus Insured Delta Dental DHMO Plan

In addition to our standard wellness plan, this membership class includes an insured Delta Dental DeltaCare USA DHMO option. This DHMO plan option provides a low cost alternative for WAOA members where each procedure has fixed member co-pays, with no deductibles and clearly defined out of pocket costs. A large stable network of dentists are available in the DeltaCare USA network, so you can enjoy a long term relationship with your dentist.

The DeltaCare USA insured plan membership option is very popular and offers a great 'value' for WAOA members. You may review the providers in the network at

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An Important Notice About WAOA Membership Plans: WAOA Memberships are divided into two different categories, the Basic Membership and the Expanded Membership. All memberships begin as a Basic Membership. The WAOA Basic Membership programs are not insurance, nor are they an alternative to or substitution for insurance coverage. Since they are not health insurance, members are responsible for payment for optional wellness products and services as incurred. Members have the option of purchasing an Expanded Membership. The Expanded Memberships include all of the elements of the Basic Membership; however, they have been expanded to include various licensed insurance products that the member may acquire. These insurance products are underwritten NOT by WAOA, but are underwritten by an insurance company that is licensed in your particular state; and therefore, the insurance products available to you may very state to state. These insurance products are also sold by licensed insurance agents that have been properly appointed by the insurance carrier.