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Lifestyle & Wellness Programs/Insured Dental Benefits Disclosures. The Wellness Association of America (WAOA) offers its members several Wellness programs. These programs offer members enhanced wellness opportunities, advice, and access to Pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and supplements. Your membership also offers you the option to select various types of group health insurance products that are made available to you only as a member of WAOA. These products include (a) short term medical insurance; (b) accidental death and dismemberment insurance; (c) critical illness insurance; (d) PPO dental insurance; (e) HMO dental insurance; and (f) other products that may be made available to you from time to time. All of our insurance products are underwritten by insurance companies that are licensed in your state. Currently, these products are offered by American Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company (AFSLIC) and Delta Dental.


Membership Payments to Providers. WAOA does not make payments to the providers of healthcare services, all payments are made directly by the applicable license insurance company or its authorized agent.


Membership Fees. Membership fees are due monthly either by the 5th day of each month or by the 20th day of each month (the 'Billing Date'). The Billing Date will be determined by your initial Effective Date. Payment will be automatically processed monthly based on the method of payment you selected at the time of enrollment and verified with you for your protection.


Membership Activation. Your membership will become active on your initial Effective Date (the 'Effective Date'). The Effective Date either is the 1st day of each month or the 15th day and is determined by the date the initial payment is received, including the enrollment fee.


Termination and Returned Check Policy. WAOA reserves the right to terminate a membership without notice for non-payment of monthly membership fees. In the event you need assistance with payment terms, please contact your Wellness Concierge at 1- 770-743-9764 and we will gladly assist you. Monthly membership fee payments, made by check by a member to WAOA that are not honored by member's financial institution for reasons including, but not limited to, insufficient funds, will incur a returned check fee of $25.00 imposed by WAOA. This returned check fee and associated monthly membership fee shall be due and payable immediately by member. Failure by member to pay the returned check fee and associated monthly membership fee could result in termination of member's WAOA membership, without notice to member, for non-payment.


Cancellation Policy. A formal written notice or of cancellation must be received by WAOA no later than ten (10) days before member’s Billing Date and your billing will be terminated for the next month. To cancel your membership program after the Trial Period, either send a formal written notice of cancellation to the address listed at the front of this Membership Fulfillment or send an email to WAOA must receive the termination notice 10 days prior to your next monthly Billing Date otherwise your next month's membership fee will be automatically processed based on the method of payment you selected at the time of enrollment and verified for your protection. Please note that the enrollment fee is non-refundable. Refunds will be processed within ten (10) days of cancellation. For your protection, WAOA will not process your membership cancellation request without your written authorization and signature on the cancellation document.


Questions/Issue Resolution. If you have any questions about your WAOA Membership, please call your Wellness Concierge at 1-770-743-9764.


Change in Terms and Conditions. The WAOA membership program may be modified and/or subject to additional terms and conditions. WAOA reserves the right to change or terminate any terms, conditions, services or benefits without limitation. Prior notice of any material change will be provided to you whenever possible, if required by law. The Wellness Features and Benefits and Supplemental Dental Insured benefits availability are subject to state regulation.

Other Terms and Conditions

WAOA is not a licensed insurer, HMO or underwriters of healthcare services. No portion of provider's fees will be reimbursed or paid by WAOA, nor will payments be made directly to a provider. All payments to healthcare providers will be made by the licensed insurance company.
Participating providers may change without notice and programs may vary by state.
This program and contract are not protected by any state Health and Life Guarantee Association.
The member acknowledges that the provider networks may have access to personal information protected by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and approves the limited use of such information by the networks.
This WAOA membership program is not available in every state.
WAOA does not warrant any professional services and the participating providers and facilities are solely responsible for the professional advice, services, and treatment rendered to members. WAOA and its affiliates expressly disclaim any liability with respect to such matters.